CRAZY Real Estate Myth: You DON’T Need 2 Years on the Same Job?! #buyahouse #firsttimehomebuyers

CRAZY Real Estate Myth: You DON’T Need 2 Years on the Same Job?! #buyahouse #firsttimehomebuyers

Loan Originator
Liz LeFore
Published on May 24, 2023

CRAZY Real Estate Myth: You DON’T Need 2 Years on the Same Job?! #buyahouse #firsttimehomebuyers

MYTH BUSTED!💥 You don't need 2 yrs on the same job to buy a home. Requirements for buying a home are not what you may think. When buying a home, there are many different programs that may fit your current financial situation. A 2 yr work history can be a requirement, but a general rule for a requirement for 1 job for 2 yrs is a myth. Every type of income is different, whether you are self employed, work for a company, or are an independent contractor rules for different types of income are all different.

You only need the stability of income. Did you come back into the work force? Only need 6 months on the same job! 🤔

If your lender is telling you otherwise, reach out! We will be happy explain how & why this may work for you!

Ask more questions, let's find out what program best fits you! 🏠
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