Which Is Cheaper: A 20% or 3.50% Down Payment?! #firsttimehomebuyers

Which Is Cheaper: A 20% or 3.50% Down Payment?! #firsttimehomebuyers

Loan Originator
Liz LeFore
Published on April 19, 2023

Which Is Cheaper: A 20% or 3.50% Down Payment?! #firsttimehomebuyers

Are you a first-time home buyer and wondering how much you should save for a down payment? This video breaks down the pros and cons of a 3.50% vs. a 20% down payment and provides helpful tips to save faster. Watch now to learn how you can become a homeowner! #firsttimehomebuyers #downpayment #savings #homeownership
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Welcome to My Channel! My name is Liz LeFore, & on this channel we discuss all Real Estate, Mortgage, & REAL LIFE Experiences to better prepare you to buy your next home. We help you build wealth one home at a time, & while educating you about the home buying process that can be basic & complex all at the same time.

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We can help you save thousands on your next home without spending a ton of time! My team and I will customize your home financing strategy so you can quickly and efficiently get the home you are looking for at the right price. Here's how our two-step process works:

First, we get you pre-approved so you know your options and what your buying power is. Next, we get you aligned with one of our top real estate partners who will help you negotiate the best deal on your home.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to invest in your next rental property, we have helped numerous clients over almost 20 years save thousands of dollars without spending a ton of time on the home-buying process. Ready to get started? Let’s discuss your options.
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